About TENAX Corporation

TENAX is a worldwide company with U.S. headquarters based in Baltimore, MD, and manufacturing facilities in Baltimore, MD, Evergreen, AL, and Modesto, CA.

TENAX Corporation manufactures and distributes a variety of products for the civil, environmental, commercial and industrial markets.

The total area that comprises Tenax Corporation in the United States is 564,000 square feet, dedicated to administrative offices, manufacturing, and warehousing.

Employing over one-hundred employees in the United States, TENAX recognizes the significance of being an American manufacturer and takes pride in producing their products with 100% virgin material that is not harmful to the environment in which its employees live.

TENAX is most known for the orange construction fence, but offers a variety of product categories such as safety fence, snow fence, erosion control, debris containment, deer barriers, and various other nets for an array of applications.

TENAX offers products for many market segments, including agriculture, retail, construction, OEM, civil and environmental engineering, and drainage. We invite you to view the multitude of products that we have available.